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Theft protection for quad/ATV

Tracking via GPS tracker

Theft protection for quad/ATV

If your four-wheeler has a high value, many insurance companies require that you have approved theft protection. Our theft protection via GPS works throughout Europe and is approved by Svenska Theft Protection Association.

You specify your own safety zone on a map and receive an alarm via SMS, push notification and email if the vehicle leaves the safety zone.

Safety Zones

Our GPS tracker with system tracks the quad in case it leaves the security zone and make alarms go to your phone via our app or email. This means that you always know if your four-wheeler is moving itself when it shouldn’t.

Make it difficult for the thieves

The track transmitter is connected to the four-wheeler’s engine, where it receives power but also has a spare battery in case someone tries to connect remove it. It’s never fun to have your things stolen and it happens often a costly process even with good insurance.

Why anti-theft protection in quad/ATV?

It is always sad to be the victim of theft and to have to worry about it unnecessary. It also takes a long time to replace an ATV and it will costly with age deduction.

The service also provides extra security if you come across one accident in the forest or on the mountain when relatives or colleagues can find you. Avoid worry by investing in a theft protection with map service.

Abrasion resistant

Our GPS tracker is temperature resistant and waterproof so it works both during hot summer days and cold winter evenings. It is also shock-resistant, which makes it excellent for use for just quad bikes. The device is connected to the four-wheeler’s engine and takes stream from there.

Already bought Theft Protection Quad/ATV?

To get started with your theft protection, you need an account at NorthTracker. You scan the QR/barcode on the device and then you create an account in the app from the mobile. State username and password then it’s done.

You can track both via a browser on your computer or via the app in the mobile phone. If you have several anti-theft devices, you can link them together these on the same account and thus gain full control over all vehicles.

Do you want to know more about anti-theft protection for quad bikes?

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