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Digital driving journal that documents all mileage automatically either you have a company car or a benefit car.

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With our digital driving record minimizes you paperwork and find out how your vehicle is used. NorthTracker strive to have the best the driving record on the market and develops constantly our digital driving journal system and app for you to get the best the user experience. With NorthTrackers electronic driving record you get it documentation required by the Swedish Tax Agency on audit and meets all requirements!

A little more about the driving record

NorthTracker driving record automatically records all journeys with mileage, start and stop address, the length of the trip as well as the entry and exit meter reading. That way, you can be sure that nothing is missing or is incorrect during an audit. If you run one benefit car you have the opportunity to easily categorize the trip as private or service using the app

Our driving journal

  • Fits all car types as well companies of all sizes.
  • Collects data in in accordance with GDPR
  • Privacy Protection for drivers
  • Correct data to the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Increases the efficiency of the business

Read more about company car

A company car is owned by the company and may only be used in the service. It is also usually called a company car/official car. Will you only use the car in the service?

Driving record for company car

Read more about benefit car

A benefit car is owned by the company but there is intention that the car will also be used for private use over 10 times per year or over 100 miles. Are you coming also use the car privately?

Driving record for benefit car

Real-time map in the driving record

The service can also be used for traffic management and logistics. All vehicles are displayed in real time on the same map. Send the nearest resource to the next customer visit. Security is also an important area of ​​use – if you e.g. can’t get hold of a driver.

A driving record makes you more efficient

Our customers lower their fuel costs by about 15% as the cars are used smarter and private driving is decreasing. Several customers also see that time thieves are reduced, e.g. to stop at the wholesaler becomes fewer and the times are kept better. A positive spiral occurs where the company becomes more efficiently and make greater profits, leading to more secure employment and the possibility of higher wages.

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Support for your driving record

We have personal support regarding systems, tax and always answers your questions about your digital driving record. Simple and convenient! You can ask us about the system, taxes or privacy. We make sure you have an answer to your question the same day it’s asked!

Data storage

Secure data transmission through three GSM networks throughout Europe. In addition, all your runs are stored this spring backup solution for seven years, as long as the Swedish Tax Agency require.

A driving journal with several smart functions

Driver identification

With driver identification, drivers can easily check in and out
on the different vehicles they use.


Get an alarm in case of theft or if someone pulls out the GPS. Get
notice if the vehicle has been stationary for over a week.

The schedule

Schedule which runs are private or on duty then categorization takes place automatically.

Car tolls and congestion tax

Automatically calculates the benefit value of the congestion tax for private passages.

Cloud service

Always access via web and app, highest security i Swedish mountain room.

Customer invoicing

Summarize selected trips for mileage, driving time and time at the customer for simple invoicing.


Simple reports in PDF and Excel format about travel, driver and private/service.


Mark recurring stops with customer name or project, they are automatically entered in the driving journal.

Why Driving Record?

The best way to show that employees are using their employer’s car mainly for work and very little private to keep an accurate driving record. This means that whoever users of the car must register all journeys with the car in one detailed way.

Discount car or not
Employees who want to avoid being taxed for car benefits must be able to show that they have used the car privately at most 10 occasions per calendar year and with one combined mileage of a maximum of 100 miles.

Comprehensive service driving
It is called extensive duty driving when an employee drives 3,000 miles or more in the service per year with a benefit car. You, as an employer, can then put it down yourself the benefit value to 75% of full value.

So that you can reduce the benefit value must the employee fulfill the number of miles with you that employer during the relevant income year. If you do not reduces the benefit value, the employee can do it himself the reduction in their income tax return, provided that he/she meets the conditions.

Employees who have several employers during the year can sum up all service runs at the various employers during the year.

If you as an employer pay the fuel for one employee with a benefit car, he/she only has to be taxed for fuel used for private travel. It assumes that there is evidence that shows how much has been driven privately and on duty, otherwise must the driver be taxed for all fuel. Used electronic driving record to simplify the calculation.



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