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Alcohol lock

An alcohol lock guarantees sober drivers and strengthens your brand

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What is an alcohol lock?

An alcohol lock is a technical device that is connected to the car’s ignition system. Before starting the car, the driver must blow in a nozzle, so that the moisture in the exhaled air is controlled. The alcohol lock verifies that the driver is not above 0.2 alcohol per thousand. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol over the limit wil the vehicle cannot be started.

Consequences of drunk driving

You are guilty of drunk driving if you blow over 0.2 alcohol per thousand. The penalty for drunk driving is a fine or imprisonment of up to six months. In addition, the driver’s license is usually revoked for 12 months.

In case of gross drunk driving, the penalty can be imprisonment for a maximum of two years and the driver’s license can be revoked for 24 months. Gross drunk driving i combination with gross misconduct to another death can result in up to eight years in prison.

Reputational risk and damaged brand

In addition to tangible financial consequences, a pile arises media risk and a damaged brand. It can lead to loss of customers and difficulties in winning new business.

Today, customers find news & information quickly. Bad news often spreads faster than good news. A scandal regarding drunk driving can spread widely on social media media and damage the company’s future opportunity to do business and participate in tenders.

For the administrator

If an attempt is made to manipulate the alcohol lock, an alarm is issued. It also expires alarm if a driver blew over the alcohol limit so you can take appropriate action.

Should the alcolock be in trouble, you can override the immobilizer through to contact our support so that the driver can continue driving again the device has alarmed errors, e.g. on the use of hand sanitizer, mouthwash and more. We can unlock in real time.

Calibration, service and updating of your breathalyzers are included – we send you a new blower unit once a year. It makes that you don’t have to take the car to the workshop, so you save time.

All this is included in the subscription.

Tenders, procurement and competition

Installing an alcohol lock has several advantages. More and more companies and authorities include alcolock as a requirement in their procurements. Make sure you are included in the procurement!

Install alcohol locks now and give your business a competitive edge. Several larger companies, with their own or hired drivers, require alcohol locks in the vehicles that transport their goods or carry out construction work.

Many regions and municipalities have chosen to introduce alcohol locks as a requirement in their procurements. By installing an alcohol lock in all the company’s cars you will become more competitive and attractive in procurement and tenders.

The service agreement includes:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Support 24/7
  • Wireless log transfer
  • Future updates
  • 25 nozzles
  • No hidden costs for possible repairs
  • Annual Calibration & Product Service

Do you want to know more about alcohol locks?

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