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Driving record for benefit car

Documents everything automatically


What is a benefit car?

If a company-owned car comes used in private use more than 10 times per year or over 100 miles, it is classified as a benefit car according to the Swedish Tax Agency. With a benefit car, it’s perfectly okay to use the car privately. For example. to bring the children from kindergarten, grocery shopping and drive to & from the workplace. Although there is more freedom with a concession car then a driving record is needed.

The driving record saves everything for 7 years

You can keep track of all this through NorthTracker’s electronic driving record that saves all trips automatically up to 7 years, as required by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Information that the Tax Agency requires

The Swedish Tax Agency puts it this way: “We recommend that a driving record must contain:
• Meter reading at the beginning of the year
• Meter reading at the end of the year.

In addition to that, the driving record should also have the following tasks:
• The car’s registration number
• Current year
• Date and meter reading at the start and end of the journey
• How many kilometers the employee drives each trip
• Which address the journey started from and ended on
• Purpose/purpose of the trip
• Which places, companies or contact persons it employees have visited (not needed for private trips)
• Notes on car drivers and refueling and more.”

Add Alkolås as a service

If you have a business, you can also add Alkolås as additional service so you can guarantee sober drivers within your organization. This leads to better and more procurements.

Read more about alcohol locks

Invest in an electronic driving record

Keeping track of this manually is time-consuming challenge. You can avoid this with NorthTracker’s digital driving journal. Contact us for more information about driving records below.

Do you want to know more about the driving record for a benefit car?

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