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Theft protection for mobile home

Tracking via GPS-tracker


Theft protection of your motorhome

By installing a tracking transmitter in your motorhome you don’t have to worry about your property disappearing. Our theft tracking works throughout Europe and is approved by the Swedish Theft Protection Association. You enter a security zone/geofence on the map i the tracking app and if the camper leaves security zone, alarms are sent via SMS and email.

Safety Zones

You can via NorthTracker’s tracking app or tracking system on the computer set a security zone, also known as geofence. If the motorhome were to leave your safety zone then an alarm is sent via SMS, push notification or email. Sleep safe with NorthTracker’s Theft Protection Motorhome and avoid worry about theft. The tracking service fits all motorhomes.

Make it difficult for the thieves

Invest in a theft protection and stop a theft before it goes too far. In that you can track exactly position, the police can know where to go in the event of a theft and hopefully arrest the perpetrator in time so you can get your motorhome back. Thanks to ourtracking system, we have helped the police find stolen goods so that the owners may recover their properties.

Why anti-theft protection in a mobile home?

It is sad to be the victim of theft or to be in need worry at night that one might come lose something Avoid this by investing in an anti-theft.

Easy installation of anti-theft

There are two units that fit RVs. The anti-theft Machine is connected to the motorhome’s battery and should someone cut the electricity, it has its own batteries so that you can follow your motorhome in the event of theft. With Machine you can also switch the refrigerator on/off, heaters etc. The other unit is our track transmitter Scout that has its own battery. The track transmitter is hidden on suitable place and lasts about 5 years before you need to replace the battery.

Watch your itinerary

Another fun feature of Machine is that you can see your itinerary that you chose during your vacation and save it for future trips with the motorhome.

Already bought NorthTracker Theft Protection Motorhome?

To get started with your theft protection, you need one account with NorthTracker. You scan the QR/barcode on device and then create an account in the tracking app from the mobile phone. Enter username and password then is that clear. You can track both via browser on the computer or via the mobile app. If you have more anti-theft protection different vehicles, you can connect these on the same account and thus have full control over all GPS devices.

Do you want to know more about Theft Protection Motorhomes?

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