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The History of NorthTracker

In 2011, two parents on paternity leave and new neighbors met on the street at home in Bromma. Both Carl and Daniel had previous experience of working at large companies but had secretly thoughts about starting your own at some point. They also shared a fascination with the challenge of keep an eye on the children and the idea of ​​a GPS service took root.

All said and done, both resigned and the first half of the year was spent scanning the market
for similar services. The range was limited and anything but intuitively user-friendly. Pretty soon, the focus shifted from children to anti-theft and on to driving records. And on that road it is.

Today, NorthTracker develops and operates a service with driving record, anti-theft, utility tracking and alcohol lock that works throughout Europe. Sales take place under own auspices but also through one widespread dealer network and white labels.

NorthTracker’s vision is to be the spider in the web in GPS tracking. We are the bridge between private and police when the accident occurs and also functions as an opinion maker within safety and security issues.

If your company has a more complex situation, don’t hesitate to take help from NorthTracker.

Sincerely, Carl Bodegård and Daniel de Maré, founders

NorthTrackers tidslinje

2011 NorthTracker is founded
2012 Collaborate with the Swedish Hunters’ Association and the hunting app “WeHunt”.
2013 Cooperation with insurance companies for theft protection and electronic driving record is launched.
2014 Partnership with the “Swedish Dementia Association”.
2015 Approval by SSF for reduced insurance premiums, launch of emergency call center.
2016 NorthTracker develops a system for “Missing People” for tracking search chains.
2017 Signs agreements with several Scandinavian distributors such as Watski/Nautec and Duell.
2018 Starts sales in Norway.
2019 Starts sales in Finland and Denmark.
2020 Integration with alarm center and emergency unit in Norway.
2021 NorthTracker launches utility tracking with BLE (Bluetooth).
2022 NorthTracker launches Alkolås for vehicles.
2023 Approved by Kiwa (Norway) for premium reduction with Norwegian insurance companies.