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With fleet management it’s easy to keep track

Theft protection

Tracking service that is ready to use, on delivery. You specify a security zone on our website or in the app, and get an alert if your object leaves the zone. The GPS continues to give the position throughout Europe.

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The logbook registers all trips automatically via GPS, so yo can see where, when and for how long your vehicles are being used. You can schedule service when it’s convenient, and simplify your customer invoicing.

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Personal GPS

With a personal GPS you can see your colleagues’ location in real time. You can quickly get the right person to the right place, and see where people are, in the event of an accident.

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We also offer

Traffic management

With traffic management, you visualize your entire business, so you can dispatch the driver who can get to the customer the fastest. You save time and avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary phone calls. Traffic management also leads to shorter driving distances and less wear. Plus you’re better positioned for accurate project and customer invoicing.

Asset tracking

Get full control of every machine’s location in real time, and ensure that the entire fleet is used as efficiently as possible. With asset tracking it’s easy to plan and monitor your operations, maximize investments, manage service intervals and get clear information for invoicing.

Want to know more?

We offer several different GPS solutions for businesses and private individuals. Contact us for more information.