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Theft protection for car

Tracking via GPS tracker


Theft protection for car

Many insurance companies require that you have an approved theft protection if you have an expensive car. Our theft protection via GPS works throughout Europe and is approved by the SSF Theft Protection Association. State a safety zone on the map and receive alarms via SMS and email if the car leaves the zone.

Safety Zones

By marking a safety zone will you will receive an alarm via mobile and email if your car should move outside the zone. NorthTracker stops ongoing thefts often and contribute to recovery stolen goods across Europe.

The thieves are getting smarter

Today, the thieves are experienced enough to circumvent or disarm the basic car alarms included from factory. If security is important to you, so should you invest in an anti-theft device with a GPS tracker to fully keep track of your car. This gives you a higher chance to get your car back in case of theft.

Time is very important in case of theft as the vehicle is at risk to be taken apart or otherwise demolished, so the faster you can act, the less risk for costly damages.

Why anti-theft in the car?

It is always sad to lose a possession or that having to worry about evenings/nights that man will lose something. It also takes a lot of time to administer a theft and the age deduction for replacing a stolen car can be costly.

Add driving record

If you have a company, you can also add Körjournal as an additional service where you can track the car location in real time.

More about driving record

Easy installation of anti-theft

The anti-theft device is connected to the car’s battery and would someone cuts the electricity, it has its own batteries so that you can follow the car in the event of a theft.

Already bought NorthTracker Theft Protection Car?

To get started with your theft protection you need you an account with NorthTracker. You scanthe QR/Barcode on the device and then you create an account in the app from the mobile.

Enter username and password then it’s done. Log in via browser on the computer or via the app in the mobile phone. If you have several theft protections for different vehicle, you can connect these on the same account and thus have full control over all vehicles.

Do you want to know more about anti-theft car?

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