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Being the victim of theft is unpleasant and time-consuming. It’s also expensive, in the form of deductibles and depreciation. We offer theft protection that is ready to use upon delivery, and that tracks your property throughout Europe. 

Full control of all vehicles

Favorite in the magazine Båtliv

NorthTracker’s Scout became Båtliv’s favorite when the newspaper did a great test of GPS alarms as theft protection in magazine number 6, 2018. That Scout is approved by the Anti-Theft Association, gives great discounts to the insurance companies and is easy to connect are some of the reasons. Read the test here

How does it work?

We offer a range of GPS solutions, depending on what you want to protect. Choose from a GPS with 5 years of battery time, or one where you can see a position in real time. Contact us for more information on the solution that suits you best.


Response with security guard

As an additional service for your theft protection, we also offer response with a security guard, in collaboration with Noka Alarm Centre. Available in Sweden and Norway, and soon also in Denmark and Finland. The service is approved by the Swedish organs that entitle you to the highest reduction on your insurance premium.
Download agreement here

Want to know more?

We offer several different GPS solutions for businesses and private individuals. Contact us for more information.