OBD-II is a GPS that functions as both logbook and theft protection. You connect the GPS directly to the port underneath the steering wheel. Then you can see the position in real time via our website and our app. Our products are aligned with HMRC legislation, for 100% tax compliance.


Easy installation

  • Connect to the port underneath the steering wheel
  • Register your account here
  • Done! Now your logbook works

How OBD-II works

OBD-II is connected to the port underneath the steering wheel. It transmits the position in real time and logs every trip.

OBD-II doesn’t only make sure that your vehicles are used properly. It also reduces administration and increases your business’s efficiency. Use the service to invoice customers accurately and to provide the right information to those who are affected by the logistics. You can also see how economically and environment-friendly your vehicles have been driven, which enables you to reduce costs for fuel and service.

OBD-II also works as theft protection. When you have created an account you can specify up to five security zones. If the GPS moves outside one of these, you get an alert immediately via text message or email. OBD-II continues to transmit the position throughout Europe, so your property can easily be tracked.

Do you want to know more?

We offer several different GPS solutions for both companies and individuals. Please contact us for more details.