Machine mini

Easy installation

  • Connect Machine Mini to +/- (8-32V)
  • Register accounthere
  • Enter up to 5 security zones
  • Enter the alarm receiver
  • Done!

How Machine Mini works

Machine Mini is a small and agile GPS that connects to +/-, transmits position in real time and logs history.

Once you have created an account, you can enter up to five security zones for your NorthTracker Machine Mini. If the GPS moves outside one of your selected security zones, you will receive an alarm immediately via SMS or e-mail. Machine Mini provides anti-theft protection that works throughout Europe. It continues to send position so that your property can be easily traced, which leads to an increased chance of getting it back. The Machine Mini also logs history so you can see how it has moved or to summarize how long it has been stationary at different locations, for example customer billing.

Machine Mini can also be used for safety purposes. Should something happen to you, anyone who has access to the login can always see where you are and thus quickly come to the rescue. The machine is made for tough environments and is shock resistant and water resistant but not waterproof. It is approved by the SSF Theft Protection Association and can be connected to AWARN Alarm Center for emergency call with security guards.

Do you want to know more?

We offer several different GPS solutions for both companies and individuals. Please contact us for more details.