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The logbook automatically registers every trip via GPS, so neither employer nor employee risks being taxed or company car benefits after the fact. Simple and convenient – you avoid dealing with it manually.


How does it work?

When you have plugged the pre-set GPS into your vehicle, you can manage the logbook via our website or the app. You can then follow the vehicle in real time on a map, see the odometer, addresses, times and comments. You can also specify private travel and connect different trips, for instance when refuelling.

Traffic management

The service can also be used as traffic management: every vehicle is displayed in real time on the same map. You can get directions, and see the current traffic situation, which you can send to the driver who can be at the customer’s the quickest.

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In the logbook you can also see how economically and environment-friendly your vehicles have been driven. You can save up to 20% on fuel, and reduce your costs for service and repair.



Indicate recurring locations with customer or project name, and they are entered into the logbook automatically.

More smart features

Driver identification

With driver identification, drivers can easily check in and out of the various vehicles they use.

Cloud service

Constant access via our website and app, highest level of security in Swedish underground locations.


Get an alert in the event of theft, or if someone removes the GPS from the port. Get notification if the vehicle has not moved for more than one week.

Customer invoicing

Summarize selected trips for driving times and work hours at the customer’s, for easy invoicing.


Private or business travel? Specify your timetable, and the categorization is done automatically.


Simple reports in PDF or Excel format, for trips, drivers, environmentally friendly driving and private/business.

Data storage

Secure data transfer via three GSM networks throughout Europe. Additionally, all your trips are store in our backup solution for seven years, the period required by the Swedish Taxation Agency.

Want to know more?

We offer several different GPS solutions both for businesses and private individuals. Contact us for more information.