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NorthTracker is a Swedish total supplier of GPS tracking. Our gps tracker can be used such as driving journal, theft protection, traffic management, machine logistics or as personal GPS tracker for real-time tracking.

GPS theft protection

Simple anti-theft protection via GPS tracker. You specify a security zone for your object and receive an alarm if the object leaves the zone. Theft protection can be used to protect everything from boats, motorcycles, scooters and cars to construction booths and large containers. Approved by SSF Norm1073.

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Fleet management

Combine driving journals, theft protection and personal GPS track transmitters to get an effective and secure overall solution for your business.

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How does a gps tracker work?

The GPS tracker gains its position by reading the satellites orbiting the Earth. Once established, it checks to see if it is within the security zones you specify.

When ready, it connects via the GSM network, like a mobile, and sends up information in the cloud about position, time of positioning and current battery level. Once the information is in the cloud, you can log in to view it through your computer, tablet or app.


About NorthTracker

NorthTracker AB is a Swedish software company that delivers a leading GPS tracking service for the private and corporate markets in Europe.

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We offer several different GPS solutions for both companies and individuals. Please contact us for more information.